Below are different pages containing some of the most interesting zombies content I have ever made. Feel free to check out all of the video playlists to have access to countless hours of content!

Zombie Tutorials

A page dedicated to quick and concise tutorials for all the Treyarch Easter Eggs. Use the playlist to cycle through all of the videos for quick access to the information.

Zombroz Podcast

A weekly podcast discussing all the news in Call of Duty Zombies. The show is hosted by RADAUSTIN27 and Johnyj25. The podcast has featured notable content creators in the community, teams of individuals who have beaten the great easter egg quests first, and the developers of the game.

Zombie Theories

A collection of videos that help uncover the secret zombie story line over the eight year life of the story thus far. This collection of videos continues to update with the story. You can relieve the ideas of what the community thought was the story line from 2008 to present .

Black Ops 4 Zombies
A playlist dedicated to all my Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Videos

Zombie Discussion Video

A collection of videos that develop critical analysis of the game modes. The series seeks to drive conversations among consumers of the game in direction that helps develop better ideas about the game.

All Zombie Guides

WW2 Zombies

A collection of all my WW2 Zombie coverage.