Zetsubou no Shima Guide


Zetsubou no Shima

Items needed to fully complete Easter Egg quest:

  • Anywhere but Here” gobblegum (Quest can't be completed without this Gobblegum)

  • Skull of Nan Sapwe

  • Masamune (upgraded KT-4)

  • Electrified shield (All players complete all 3 challenges then get struck by lightning on the skulls platform while holding shield)

  • Gas Mask


Obtaining the KT-4

Collect the 3 parts:

1.       While near the Green Water at Shelter B, a glowing zombie will randomly spawn. Kill it to drop a glowing vial which you can pick up.

2.       While the power is turned on at Shelter A, use the panel at the cage to lower it down to the Kuda area. When a spider is spawned, lure it to the cage to be trapped. Head back up and re-activate the panel to raise the cage and extract the spider venom, killing the spider and allowing you to collect the canister of venom.

3.       Inside the bunker, go to the far back area where the sewer transport starts/ends and Mule Kick is located. Continue down the underwater tunnel after Mule Kick, until you find the plant growing in the blue, underwater cave. Pick that up.

Return to the testing area room, where the sewer system and a Skull ritual is located. Use the workbench with the KT-4 on it to craft the KT-4.


Upgrading to the Masamune

Collect the 3 parts:

1.       Go to Shelter B while power is on.

o   Solo: Bash the panel with the electric shield to open the gate to the cage, then enter it. The cage will lower to a small chamber under Shelter B, where a skeleton will have the vial caught between its ribs. Grab the vial and you’ll be lifted back up.

o   Co-op: One player must bash the panel to the cage with the electric shield to open the gate to it. One player will step inside and a second player must lower the cage down. Once the lowered player grabs the vial, the second player must raise them back up.

2.       Use the KT-4 to destroy the webbing to the cave behind the Blue Water. Enter the cave and it will drop you into a small arena, where the Spider Boss will spawn. Defeat the Spider by shooting its mouth while it’s glowing orange, and interact at its mouth to take one of its fangs.

o   Spider will attack by slamming its claws and puking acid at you. May periodically spawn spiders on your platform, killing them may drop a max ammo

o   Spider Boss has a large amount of HP, use PaP’d weapons (LMGs and Shotguns work best) to kill it quickly.

o   Killing the Spider also unlocks a Widow’s Wine spring, where players can get free WW by drinking the water

3.       Swim down to the area where you obtained the plant for the KT-4. Mesmerize the wall opposite the orange pod (right-side of the cave), this should reveal a secret plant plot. Use a seed to start growing the upgraded plant.

o   This plant MUST be watered with Rainbow Water obtained while riding the sewer system.

o   Takes 3 rounds (not including the one where the seed was initially planted) to fully grow.

Once all three parts collected, interact with the other workbench in the room where the KT-4 is built to craft the Masamune (noted by the change from a green ammo vial to a blue ammo vial).

Main Quest:

Mesmerize the ripped poster with the Skull of Nan Sapwe in the small room where purple water is located (it’s on the wall above the small table)

  • This step must be completed before you can do any further step involving mesmerizing areas

Mesmerize the wall next to the elevator at the entrance of the bunker to reveal the cog room for the elevator (it’s the area closest to the window spawn, not directly next to the elevator).

Obtain the three cogs:

1.       Located on the small dock under the zip line.

o   Solo: Bash the electric shield onto the zip line panel to electrify it. Ride the zip line and use a melee attack while over the dock to jump down and grab the cog.

o   Co-op: One player must ride the zip line, while another player must time and bash the zip line panel with the electric shield to drop that riding player onto the dock, who can then grab the cog.

2.       Obtain the “Anywhere but Here” gobblegum. Use the GG to teleport to a secret room above Shelter A, where the cog is lying on the ground next to a bunch of broken dragon eggs.

3.       Grow plants using blue water and fertilize them by shooting them with the KT-4/Masamune. When grown, it should be a purple Gift plant with golden markings on it. Grow these types until you receive a large Artillery gun shell. Take that to the Anti-Air gun room in the bunker, and interact with the gun to load the shell (signaled by a loading sound cue). Once loaded, wait until the cargo plane lines up to where the gun is aimed, and activate the gun to fire it and destroy the plane. The cog should fall randomly onto the map, you can watch and listen to locate the general area where it lands. Search that area for a smoking cog lying on the ground.

Return to the Cog Room and place all 3 cogs onto the machinery behind the elevator to turn it on.

**Make sure to have a gas mask before descending into the boss fight, as many Thrashers will spawn**

Ride the elevator down to enter the boss area

Thrasher Boss Fight

Use the Masamune to clear the large roots out of the way by shooting the orange areas

Once you enter the boss room and the door closes behind you, you must shoot one of the 4 limbs of the Boss Thrasher with the Masamune to start the fight.

The Boss Thrasher will summon zombies, spiders and Thrashers to attack you, and the Boss Thrasher will slam its arms periodically in the center area for heavy damage.

It’s a TIME-BASED FIGHT, meaning that killing the various enemies will have no effect on how quickly the fight progress. Killing the Thrashers may drop Max Ammos to help out.


Survive and wait for the various arms on the Boss Thrasher to reveal their orange weak-points, then shoot them with the Masamune to destroy each arm.

·         Can be done without the Masamune, however it requires a VERY significant amount of damage to destroy an arm.


Once the last arm is destroyed, the boss fight is over and the ending cut scene begins.