Episode 3

Del flies off the roof of the end to investigate the struggle, while Del closes in Flamma wakes everyone up to tell them that something is going on outside. Everyone goes to investigate besides the begrudging Aerie. Del finds a small child being tossed around by three grown men in scarlet red capes. Using his thorn whip he yanks the child away into his arms.


A light catches the attention of the leader of the group, Calvert who orders Buckley to take a warning shot at the onlookers. Aiming at the light, Buckley manages to hit it at its source. A pissed off Ullazall, motions to cast sacred flame at the Redbrand ruffian who took a shot at him, when Flamma restrains him hoping to figure out what is going on. Approach the group Calvert tries to bully the crew into leaving, but that only causes the group to fill him full of arrows.


Falling to the ground dead, Calvert’s smugness leaves him. The other two Redbrands surrender after seeing the strongest member of their little group shot to death in the snap of a finger. Interrogating the group, the adventurers learn about the Redbrand’s base of operations inside the ruined mansion. Bored with all the cheap words, Moznel hides the body of Calvert in the nearby wildness. Before he can return Jaquladon charms Buckley into showing him the mansion. Buckly, overcome with admiration, divulges the number of Redbrand’s in the base, their leader’s name (Glass Staff), and many other details no one wanted to know.


The group decides not to storm the hideout because of their large numbers inside the mansion. Returning the child home is Del and Flamma who meet the gossip-loving Qelline Alderleaf, a young halfling with dirty blonde hair. Flamma learns of a secret entrance from the mischievous Carp Alderlear (the halfling child they saved). Before leaving Flamma hits it off with Qelline causing the tow to have a night of fun together. Carp decides to wonder the town instead of dealing with his mother’s lovers.


Back at the Inn around five in the morning Aerie tries to get to know Moznel, but the man is of few words. Thankfully Sildar saves the conversation when he wakes up to get a new suit of armor since he was taken by the goblins. Aerie joins Sildar on his walk to the Graywind shop.


Flamma returns home to tell the rest of the group about the secret entrance before going to bed. Orhana, Jaquladon, and Ullazall leave to find potions for the group. Their group encounters a frail old elf who tends to an apple orchard in the tranquility north of Phandlin. Apologizing for their misinformation he tells the group that they can find potions with Sister Garaele.


The group finds the only marble structure in the village to talk to Sister Garaele. Carved into the building is star maps from different parts of the world. The craftsmanship is of an expert. Entering the temple, a small Goblin greets the group. She speaks clear common, but her pronunciations are a giveaway of her schooling. She gives the potions to the group in return for clearing out the Redbrands. She promises more when they come back. Garaele worships the goddess of luck. Inside the temple is a statue of Tymora holding a star toward the sky and an owl against her chest. There is a skylight built into the temple that shines onto the star when the sun is at midday.


Ullazall leaves the shop disgruntled because his hatred for goblins has always been true. Meeting an educated and kind goblin unheard of. Making their way to the Graywind establishment the group finds Sildar and Aerie bargaining with a sharp-toothed Lillianna. Ullazall enters trying to get his shield upgraded, but his asked to leave the shop when Lillianna recognizes the symbol. Being protective of her town she refuses to do business with them. The three are sent out and a warning is given to Sildar about trusting these people. Closing her shop she begins to prep her day for possible trouble.


The group reconvenes to give the supplies that they found to Lillianne as a peace offering. When giving it back they still struggle to win her trust. She takes the supplies without a word still refusing to do business with the outsiders.


Finally, the team decides to investigate the mansion to rid the town of the Redbrand scum.