Episode 2

Jaquladon storms into the cave looking for the goblins. He finds himself at a wolf kennel about 40 feet into the cave. The team investigates to see what the rapid barking is about. Calming down the wolves inside the cave, the Birdman talks to the wolves hoping to free them. The wolves are named Big Teeth, Tooth, and Ed. The Birdman is able to align his goals with that of the wolves. The crew leaves the kennels with their new wolf allies. Pursuing the scents of their torturers, the wolves push to the left in a fork in the road. Flamma leading the group notice a goblin century on the overpass of a bridge. Orhana and Aerie dispatch of the goblin with their bows razing no alarms. Big Teeth pushes forward sneaking past the first set of goblins surrounding a small fire at the center of makeshift beds.


The wolf leads the birdman up the stairs into a pitch-black portion of the cave where two goblins are in an argument. Big Teeth couldn’t contain his blood lust causing him to leap forward at the goblin. Easily dogging the loud wolf, the goblin raises the alarm to all of his goblin friends. Before he has a chance to fight the birdman uses his vine whip to drag the goblin to the side of the cliff. As the two struggles to break free the birdman heals all allies in the area. Ullazall burns a goblin to ash with sacred flame, Moznel splatters a goblin to the ground, Flamma cuts another in half, and out of the shadows a battered Sildar pushes the goblin struggling with the Birdman off a cliff.


One goblin remains that is interrogated, but Ullazall. They learn of the number of goblins that lay ahead before letting the wolves tear the goblin to pieces. Seldar reveals all the information he can about their journey once the team turns to him for answers. He was hired just like them by Gundren, but he serves the purpose of helping the town of Phandlin restore itself to greatness. He believes the magical mines that the Rockseeker brothers have found are going to bring the town back to life. When questioned about Gundren’s whereabouts Sildar explains that the dwarf was taken to another location unknown to him.


Entering the next area, the group finds Jaquladon far ahead of them sneaking behind three goblin sentries. With swift movement, Jaquladon electrocutes one of the goblins but just misses the second. The two goblins try to flee into the upper chambers of the cave but are shot down by arrows.


Investigating the area the team finds a flood trap that would have caused their party to have been pushed out of the cave if the goblins were alerted to their presence. The wolves continue their prowl around the room aiding in defeating the goblins throughout the cave. They push the group forward into the upper area of the cave where a bugbear named Yamik hoards all the ambush treasures. Yamik notices the adventurers as soon as they walk in. The wolves burst in, but are caught off guard by Yamik’s pet wolf that has sabretooth fangs. The wolves enter combat against the oversized wolf, while the bugbear and tow goblins attack the group.


Wielding a morning star Yamik is able to slam Moznel’s head in causing blood to gush from his temple. Using this as an opportunity Aerie surprises the bugbear with to stabs in his back with his blades. A quick retaliation causes the Aerie to be knocked to the ground in a puddle of his own blood from another morning star blow. Orhana wields her long bow weaving her arrows through the legs of the battle in front of her causing a goblin to die.


The second goblin is killed by the Birdman, leaving only Yamik. Trying to retreat to his Javelins Moznel is able to retaliate with his second blow to the Bugbear. The strike dislocates Yamiks arm allowing the birdman to cast his vine whip to bring him back. Breaking free of the vine whip the Bugbear falls to his knees staring up at the cave ceiling. With a flick of his hand Ullazall casts a sacred flame that burns the Bugbear to ash.


The group finds two sets of cargo being stored by the ambushers. One is filled with pristine weapons and another filled with blacksmithing supplies. Engraved on each of the crates are symbols. On the left is a gray diamond shape with rivets along the edges. Inside is a wolf symbol. To the right is a blue shield crest with a lion symbol. Orhana and Jaqualden pick through the loot first while the others are caught up with the wolves.


During their battle the wolves were fighting fiercely against the sabertoothed wolf. Tooth was thrown into the supply crates, Big Teeth was injured, and ed had his leg broken. When yamik was killed the sabertoothed wolf fled the cave. Moznel immediately went to the fallen wolf at the back of the cave. Checking its vitals Mozel finds the brave wolf dead. Picking the wolf in his arms he walks through the cave alone to the entrance. Moznel buried the wolf using his bear hands as a shovel. Flamma trailed behind giving Moznel comfort in his silent presence for the mourning of a creature dear to his heart.


In the shadows of the cave, Jaquladon takes note of the funeral. Heading back into the stockpile he finds Orhana sharing a treasure chest she found. Stepping in to skim a few coins off the top, Jaquladon disrupts the rest of the treasures to the team.


Before leaving Aerie is healed by a potion form Orhana. He notices the wolf symbol while looking through the loot causing him to verbalize his displeasure. Jaquladon stands alone with him in the cave and begins to push him on his knowledge of the symbol. Aerie losing his cofendces at the prying questions. Trying to storm out the half-elf blocks the doorway not letting him leave. A silent tension builds between the two only tobe broken by Orhana filing back in to take a knife from the pile.


Outside the group makes a plan to continue their journey to Phandlin. Sildar insisted on bringing the blue shielded lion supplies back to the town because it belongs to their blacksmith. Agreeing the group brings the supplies to their cart hidden just past the goblin ambush.


Before Moznel falls asleep the birdman, comes down to Moznel. He thanks Moznel for his kindness to the wolf. The Birdman was tending to the other wolves’ injuries but was able to figure out what Moznel had done for Tooth. Finally, the bird gives Moznel his name “Del”. Monzel nods and Del returns to his perch in the trees.


The next morning Jaquladon surprises the group with breakfast. The eat his morning fish then start their days-long journey to Phandlin. Entering the quant town through vast hills and meadows the cart stops at Bathen’s provisions. It is the official trading post of the town. The supplies from Gundren were meant for him. Elmar Barthen greets Sildar and the team. He lets them choose weapons from Lianne’s black smith workshop and resupply.


The group asks him about his business which leads to him revealing awful stories about the local gang. The Redbrands have been harassing the town into submission. The team takes note of the problems and promises to do something.


Sildar leads the group to the best inn in the town, the Stonehill Inn. He covers the room and board for the team. Billton, the shop keep, gives the group a hard time because of ofGundren’s last visit to the inn. The group leaves Sildar to sort this out with the squinting eyed elder human.


Just before falling asleep Flamma, Del, and Moznel hear a scuffle outside their window. Screams cause them to stir.