Zenya Chronology


In the great lands of Zenya the world is a wonderfully magical place. Many beings draw their power from the land around them, from the gods they serve, or the packs they made. Four major gods inhabit this world. The God of Justice, The Goddess of Chaos, the Goddess of Wisdom, and the God of Hope. Lesser gods exist too, on a plane much closer to all beings. Gods like Tyr, Raven, and Pelor connect with day to day life.

People within Zenya try their best to get by, but the rising and falling of empires have left the world in a rather lost state. Few major cities remain after the last great conflict. Ruins of once great cities litter the lands. Little towns have popped up along trading routes all over the continents. Travelers find their journeys are made easier by stopping into these quaint towns with special cultures. Raids and criminal activities are common throughout the land, but some cities are banding together to try to create order amongst the lost world they live in. Each city has found little success toward their goal of a single rule.

Nine dominions exist over two continents. Separated by the maw of life, each of the dominions developed independently of each other. Each dominion governs with a different philosophy. Some lands are looking to gain new resources, while others struggle to survive. The largest population of people reside on the continent Altul, east of the maw of the world.

To the North is Jinzo. A land ruled by Brine Chaulssala, a purple-skinned drow who has worked to give the north a free world to co-exist in. To the southwest, lies Minia a confederacy of independent towns and cities. A pact formed at the end of the last great war banded the people together to fight off any invaders, but insured independence for each community. It was essential to their culture that they could enforce their own law without other prying communities.

To the southwest is the smallest kingdom of Schober. A military state is driven by virtue. The famous temple of Justice is worshipped here where it is known for the God Corellon to bestow gifts on his most devote follows. Above Schober is Wittland, a feudalistic society riddled with mountains and lakes. The royal family doesn’t medal in the affairs of outside kingdoms because they keep a tight and comfortable rule over their lands.

Finally, Fria is in the center of the continent. It is the most luscious of all the lands on Altul. It is rich with natural resources and landscapes divided up by three major cities. Each of the major cities shares rule as an oligarchy dividing Fria into three different governed territories. Neverwinter to the west, Tendorf to the east, and Mimic to the north.

Our story begins to the far east coast of Frai inside the luscious Neverwinter woods, a young man wonders carrying nothing, but a sword blessed by his master. On a quest from the same master the traveler finds himself exiting east of the Neverwinter Wood heading into the Neverwinter city for supplies after a few weeks journey. By midafternoon he enters the town, overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the city. Carriages are constantly moving up and down the busy streets kicking dust up into the air.

Street performers have crowds of people circling around them cheering at each successful move. Shops are interwoven between homes and bars as far as the eye can see. The city is the most life the traveler has seen in ages. But standing out amongst the many walking citizens is a rather peculiar man shouting at a work board. The traveler approaches the oversized behemoth of a man placing a hand on his arm to find out what is the matter.


Episode 1:
First Game:

The half-elf Flamma enters the town of Neverwinter after weeks journey from his master in the north. Upon entering the city, he finds a hulking mass of a man scaring the local towns people with his excitement. Flamma touches the stranger to ask what is the matter. The Six foot Five inch barbarian named Mozal explains how he has found a job in the fewest words possible. Each finds their way to the Royal Oak tavern where the Dwarf Gundren Rockseeker is waiting for help with his shipment to Phandelver. Walking into the Tavern Gundren is in mid discussion with two cloaked gentlemen about the same job listening. To the left of the dwarf is a bar where an older gentleman in older armor sits next to cloaked halfling looking individual.

Moznal nearly blows the job when asking Gundren for work, but Flamma bails him out with quick remarks. Before leaving Gundren introduces Sildar Hallwinter and Orhana Vanamplestamp. The cloaked halfling from earlier is actually a rock gnome of few or rather no words to the travelers. Sildar on the other hands greats the hired crew asking to set off on their journey. Ullazall pushes Sildar and Gundren on payment causing the dwarf to give up his pursuits of the local barmaid.

With a dismissive wave of his hand, Gundren agrees to the amount of 50 gold to all those helping out. Briefly the adventurers introduce their selves as they leave the bar to the cart full of supplies. Aerie Gilfray, Ullazall, Flamma exchange words as Moznel and Orhana aren’t ones for talking. Before the caravan can leave a flamboyant 69 inch half-elf with a man bun flags down Gundren. He asks to join the crew for their journey, but Gundren seems to have enough people. Juqualden persuades the dwarf to let him on the journey, but at a discount unbeknown to Juqualden.

Sildar and Gundren pull ahead of the group to take of business up ahead. They promise to return in a few days to meet them for their final destination to Phandelver. Pulling ahead the group of adventurers, the two disappear into the distance. As night falls the group sets up camp, feeling each other out in their new partnership. They discuss if they should investigate their employer’s strange disappearance or wait until the morning to figure things out. The group agrees on tomorrow.

          In the morning Jagualden manages to annoy almost everyone into silence until their cart comes upon a strange obstruction in the road. Moznel and Flamma work ahead to check on the obstruction. A goblin ambush is sprung on the group in the middle of the road. Inside a large forest clearing it appear clear that the goblins have bene picking off carts for some time. The battle ensues with goblin archers taking shots at Flamma and Moznel. One shot is so poor it hits another goblin trying to ambush the adventurers. Four-armed goblins rush Moznel and Flamma only to be cut down with relative ease.

          Due to the hulking size of Moznel all the goblins focus their fire on him causing him to incur the most damage. Orhana, Jaqualden, and Aeerie join the fight picking off the goblins flanking their position. With only a few goblins remaining the goblins begin fleeing. One calls in reinforcements, that begin to rush to their aid. Out of the Forrest flies an Aarakocra crushing one goblin then unleashing a blistering furry of lighting on the reinforcements rushing to the fight.

          The typical noises of the open road fill the air again as the dust settles. Goblin bodies lay everywhere as the adventurers begin to investagte. Ullazall attempts to thank the Aarakocra, but the bird is disinterested in all the people. Flying off the bird decides to observe the adventurers. Jaqualden decides to help Moznel and Flamma investigate the area. This leads to the team finding a cipher that no one can seem to decipher. Ullazall and the group find a path leading to a nearby hideout where the goblins must be staying.

          The group decides to take a long rest after the Arakocra takes the shape of a squirl only to have his spell run out as they all link up to share their findings. It could be argued that there wasn’t a more social awkward group of adventures if it wasn’t for Jaqualden and Bruce. Throughout the night Moznal splits his watch air Aerie. Moznal has an unfortunate encounter with a snake, while Aerie finds a goblin late to the ambush bleeding out in the brush.

          In the morning the group sets out to find the goblins. Ulazzal takes a nother crack at the cipher that was shared among the group. This time Ullazall recognizes the cipher as it was a code he used before in a past life. It reveals that Gundren and Sildar know of a great treasure trove hiding away somewhere near Phandelver. Ullazall reveals their emploer’s true motivation before setting out to kill the goblins.

Moznel leads the group through the forest with expert precision. Only one distraction caused him to miss the pitfall hiding just before the entrance of the cave. Upon investigating the area, arrows rain down on the adventurers. Orhana returns fire striking one goblin into a dizzy fit. The once impressive team struggles to dispatch of the goblins as they duck under their attacks fearing for their lives. In the end, the final goblin dies from blood loss from Orhana’s arrow.