Shnagri La Guide


Shangria La

Turn on the power

Press the circles in spawn with all four players to star eclipse mode. Play the matching game and match the 24 tiles that appear in two sections of the map. Make sure you do not step on tiles that do not matches. Only one person at a time should step on a tile. The player should take note of the symbol then step off. Then another player should look for the corresponding symbol on the opposite side of tiles.  The symbols are:

·         A Female gender symbol.

·        Stiches

·         A Diamond outline.

·         A star that looks like an asterisk (*)

·         A crescent moon

·         A Circle with a straight line cutting it in half. Divided Circle.

·         A Circle with a small dot in the middle. Dotted Circle.

·         3 Dots arranged in a triangle.

·         A Triangle outline.

·         A "D" shape

·         A "T" like shape that has a line through it.

·         2 arcs crossing. Venn-Diagram

Note: See the pictures after the explanation of the names.

Picture Provided by Discord User BlazeStorm

Picture Provided by Discord User BlazeStorm

Once all the tiles are matched (12 tiles to 12 tiles) Brock and Gary should talk to you. The eclipse mode will end.

Next enter eclipse mode and make your way to the water slide. Ride the slide down in eclipse mode to hit a lever on the way down on the right side. The rest of the team should be standing on a pressure pad at the bottom of the slide. You should hear an audio cue and eclipse mode should end.

Go into eclipse mode and go to the mountain/waterfall. A crystal will smash into the side of the mountain. Use an explosive or ray gun to knock the crystal down. Shrink the crystal with JGB. Then knife it along until it lands in the geyser. You will chase it down the slide and up the geyser.  

Go into eclipse mode and turn the wheel 4 times inside the cave with a PAP pressure plate. Then have the napalm zombie walk through the cave from the power room to the lever next to the wheel. Then click the lever once all the gas leaks are on fire. This should end eclipse mode if done correctly.

Note: Try to keep the Napalm zombie for the next step of the quest.

Line up the spikemores in front of the holes in the cave down to the waterfall (by the mp5k).

TIP: keep the napalm zombie because he will set off the claymores and not die.

Then click the brick that says “do not hold” after all of the holes are filled.

Enter eclipse mode and knife the 12 plates that show up.

·         5 panels in the spawn room

·         2 in the mudroom area

·         2 by the mine cart

·         2 in the stakeout room

·         1 by the left power switch

When all 12 panels have been lit up, over by the mine cart gate, out of bounds, a snare trap can be seen. Blow it up with an explosive. Once eclipse mode ends activate a radio next to the mine cart to get the code needed for the next step.

Use 16-1-3-4 code in the mud temple after listening to the radio by the mine cart. Enter eclipse mode and set the Aztec wheels to these numbers inside the mud temple room.

·         The first one, coming from the eclipse button area, is the far right one. Switch it to ' [ | - '

·         The second one is directly behind the first one (near right side from the eclipse button area). Switch it to one dot.

·         The third one is diagonal from the second one (far left side from the eclipse button area). Switch it to three dots.

·         The fourth one is behind the third one (near left side from the eclipse button area). Switch it to four dots.

Next find the 4 resonating gongs by knifing them. There are 6 locations around the map where the gongs are located. Enter eclipse mode to resonate all four gongs then use a PAP JGB215 to shoot the crystal by the mine cart while the crystals are resonating. This will cause the dynamite to fall, you need to catch it by standing under it.

Go into eclipse mode and shoot the diamond on top of the mud temple (facing pack a punch to the left) with the PAP JGB to shrink the rock. Then open Pack a punch and give the dynamite to brock and Gary before the eclipse runs out.

Walk up the stairs to retrieve the focusing stone!

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