Shadows of Evil Guide


Shadows of Evil

Use Beast Mode to break the box containing the Summoning Key.

Complete the four rituals and obtain the 4 Gateworms.

Go to the subway area and open up the Pack-a-Punch room by standing near the wall with the markings until it breaks.

Place the 4 Gateworms to activate the ritual to open PaP.

Ride the train from each district and look for the symbols in the windows of buildings that pass by. Look out the window on the opposite side of where the player entered the train.

Once all 3 symbols (one for each district) are found and noted, go back to the subway area and enter Beast Mode. Looking at the wall opposite the entrance to PaP, zap the 3 correct symbols to open up the Apothicon eggs.

Take an egg, now you must place them on the 4 Cthulhu statues around the map and kill zombies near them to fill them with souls (they start out locked in crates and must be broken by a Beast Mode melee)

·         Footlight: Directly beneath the landing with the perk machine and box spawn.

·         Canals: Next to the Ruby Rabbit, in the corner behind the stairs.

·         Waterfront: In the room next to where the perk machine is.

·         Underground: Directly across from the Apothicon egg and sword holder.

Once the egg is filled at all 4 spots, interact with the sword holder that you obtained your egg from to claim a sword.

With your sword, now you must go to the ritual site that correlates with your character.

·         Nero: Above Easy Street

·         Jessica: The Burlesque

·         Jack: The Ruby Rabbit

·         Floyd: The boxing gym

Give your sword to the spectral Keeper that is there to receive and Arch-Ovum. You must now take the Arch-Ovum and complete 4 Margwa rituals, marked by large, red ritual circles on the ground. You must kill the Margwas that spawn. You can only do one ritual per round. They are located at:

·         Junction: Just outside the entrance to Easy Street

·         Canals: Next to the stairs for the Ruby Rabbit and the workbench

·         Waterfront: Outside the entrance to the boxing gym

·         Footlight: Outside the entrance of the Burlesque

Once all 4 have been done, take the Arch-Ovum back to your ritual site (where the spectral Keeper is) and interact twice to give the Arch-Ovum then receive your upgraded Sword.

Go to Nero’s ritual area and interact with the open book lying on the ground next to the shelves. This will spawn a flag on the next round near the Widow’s Wine machine.

Once a player picks up the flag, endless Insanity Elementals (Meatball beasts) will spawn. The flag must be carried toward each of the ritual sites and placed along the path at 3 locations, indicated by a purple energy on the ground. Once placed, the players must defend the flag from the Shadowman, who will spawn floating in the air periodically, and from the endless Elementals.

·         This step can only be completed once per round, though failed attempts can be immediately re-tried.

Once the flag step is complete, all the spectral Keepers should now be materialized.

Return to the PaP ritual room, and each player should interact with one of the Gateworm pedestals to ready their Keeper (indicated by the player losing their upgraded swords for the remainder of the EE).

Position one player at the ritual table with the Summoning Key, and the others in positions with view of the Shadowman. With all 4 Keepers readied, they will remove the Shadowman’s shield. Unload upon the Shadowman to cause him to teleport around the room. As he takes damage, he will move closer and closer to the Summoning Key table. Once he is above it, interact with the Summoning Key to capture him.

Once the Shadowman is trapped, a giant Gateworm will appear above the city. In this final step:

·         Margwas are the only enemy that spawn, and will do so rapidly.

·         Beast Mode is now indefinite, and the timer bar is instead lowered by damage from Margwas or from walking over the purple runes on the ground.

·         Frequently, players will get a flash and appear to be heavily damage with a red border on their screen. When this occurs, quickly run into one of the floating white orbs that spawn to “cleanse” yourself. If not done, the player will be downed.

To defeat the giant Gateworm, three players must be in Beast Mode and one needs to stay human. Two of the Beasts should position themselves at a train station, one should go to the Junction and stay by the Keepers, and the human player should go to the last train station (it should be one without the train. Each train station has an electrical box that needs to be zapped in Beast Mode, and the 3 Keepers must also be zapped at the same time. The human player should call the train to their station, then turn into Beast Mode to shock their electrical box. If all 3 electrical boxes and all the Keepers are zapped simultaneously, the Keepers will shoot the monster in the sky and the ending cut scene should begin.