Revelations Guide



Using a standard weapon, shoot the gravestones from Spawn in this order, from left to right: 2,3,1,4 (Corresponds to the deaths of each character through EEs: Ric, Demp, Takeo, Nik). There should be a gunshot and the red glow where the graves were shot to confirm.

Build the Keeper Protector

Find the Triangle Stone located on the back of one of the Launch pads between areas (refer to appendix)

Summon the Keeper Protector, and bring it to the pad with the stone. Use the launch pad, then use the opposite pad and walk near the Triangle stone while the pad is on cooldown. This should trigger the start of the Keeper ritual

·         Once the ritual starts, all zombies will begin targeting the Keeper. Defend it from both sides (as zombies will launch over to you as well as normally spawning).

·         The ritual takes a VERY long time, so be well-stocked

Once complete, an audio reel will drop next to the pad. Take that to the audio player in Nacht (across from the Tesla Control Panel) and play it.

Go into the Apothicon and throw Lil’ Arnies into the 9 holes scattered along the walls.

·         If Samantha laughs or the Arnie detonates outside the hole, that means it failed to complete. If you hear a swallowing noise, that means it was successful

·         Every 3 completed throws will spawn a wave of Margwas, which may drop max ammos.

·         Tip: Go a single direction and do holes until you complete them to keep track of which ones are already finished.

Once done, an audio reel spawns on the bridge directly above the acid pool. Pick it up and play it on an audio player located next to the box spawn on the Kino Der Toten stage

Using the PaP’d Apothicon Servant, you must locate and shoot at 6 bones hidden on the map to absorb them

·         Spawn: Inside the church, shoot the odd looking stone with a regular gun to reveal the bone

·         Origins: Opposite the generator, past the wire fence and shoot the odd looking stone to reveal the bone

·         Verruckt: Next to the corruption engine, shoot the odd looking stone by the waterfall to reveal the bone

·         Nacht: Above the Der Eisendrache portal, shoot the broken roof of the 2nd level to reveal the bone

·         Shangri-La: On the broken wall behind the Stamin-Up machine, shoot the odd looking stone to reveal the bone

·         Der Eisendrache: On the bottom-right corner of the third section of the anti-gravity wall run, shoot the odd looking stone to reveal the bone.

With all 6 bones, return to Nacht and shoot the PaP’d Apothicon Servant at the ground beneath the hole in the roof (by the Tesla Panel). This should spawn the full skeleton, which must then be shot again by the AS to spawn the audio reel. Bring it to the top of the mound of Origins and play it on the audio player there.

Use the 4 corruption engine turrets to shoot floating blue rocks around the portal areas, this should direct the beam back toward Nacht and hit the ghost of S.O.P.H.I.A.

·         The turret will lock and kick you out once it is directed to the correct rock/spot

Interact with S.O.P.H.I.A. to escort her to Kino Der Toten, where she will power the teleporter. Once every player is inside, use the teleported to be transported to Samantha’s room. Pick up the Kronorium in here.

Find the 4 Apothicon Eggs around the map, then take them to the acid pool inside the Apothicon and place them in one of the wall holders. Once placed, it will absorb souls from nearby kills.

·         You can only see one egg at a time, but can collect multiple eggs

·         Whoever collects the egg is the only one that may fill it with souls and the only one who can do the next step with them

·         Listen for a squishing sound while walking around the map to let you know the egg is nearby.

Once filled, the egg will spawn a gateworm. Pick it up and roam the map to try and locate where to place it. Once placed, it will reward you with a rune of creation. Pick that up.

·         A sonar-like sound will indicate where to go. When the beeping becomes intense and rapid, that is where the gateworm must be placed.

Place all 4 runes of creation on the ground in the Projector Room of Kino. The floor runes will glow and each player must stand on a rune to teleport to the boss room.