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Remaster Call of the Dead


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Attention has been drawn to lesser maps in the community needing a remaster, but none deserve it more than Call of the Dead. The star studded cast of the map are what helped to kick start the love of Call of Duty zombies and the Ultimis crew. One of the most rewarding easter eggs of all time, two original wonder weapons, fantastic means of transportation, countless ways to play, and best of all a way to get all perks in the game.

The narrative kicks off some of the best Richtofen radios in zombies lore along with connecting all the maps together for the first time. The zombie mechanics leave some things to be desired with George and the super sprinters, but based on current day zombies this is a laughable issue of the past. Instead this cherish map needs to be remastered by Treyarch studios as soon as possible.

We, the zombies community, deserve better than Die Rise or Tranzit. It is time for us to bring an all time classic into the forefront of the gaming industry. Be sure to politely remind Treyarch how much you would like Call of the Dead remastered everyday on twitter or by retweeting the brilliantly made “Remaster Call of the Dead” twitter account.

Together we can make zombies fun again. One good remaster at a time.

Remaster COTD


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