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Ashley A Designs

Designer behind the sensational minimalist Perk and Quote posters. Designer of all RAD Rendering, LLC logos including RADAUSTINS27, RADPLAYS, RAD COMPANY, AND RAD Rendering
Passionate, enthusiastic, dedicated, and a dreamer. You can find her work here 

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S. Icardo

S. icardo is a upcoming artist who designed the Aether and Chaos movie posters for RAD Rendering. Taking the initiative to reach out to the company he landed the job due to his excellent portfolio. Putting his all into these posters they came out as master pieces. Each design was received well within the community. Hailed as “the best poster designs yet” for RAD Rendering. Find more of his work here & here


Rebecca Drexler

Designer of the Death For Collection. 

Rebbeca is a multi-disciplinary designer studying New Media Design at the Rochester Institute of Technology. She has acquired a unique skill set and developed ability to balance visual design foundations, information design, UI design, UX design, 3D modeling, programming and more to design creative solutions on multiple platforms. 
You can find her work here

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Adam Smith

Designer of various artwork for RADAUSTIN27 and Zombroz

Adam is the Senior Coordinator of marketing and graphic design at Kingston Frontenacs. His skill set reaches arcoss all areas of graphic design and new media design. You can find more of his work here


Matt Bailey

Designer of the GG Posters
A talented graphic designer who developed the GG Poster collection. You can find more of his work here

GG posters