Origins Guide



Activate all 6 generators

Get to the crypt and build the gramophone.

Record locations:

·         On a large crate near the debris at the entrance of the Church.

·         Behind the Excavation Site sign at the bottom of the ramp to the Pack-A-Punch.

·         In a wheelbarrow, directly to the left of the Pack-A-Punch machine at the top of the Excavation Site.

Build all four staffs

Upgrade all staffs

Staff of Wind

Move the Rings above the Wind exit portal pad into their correct position. You will know when it is complete as the rings ascend somewhat and will begin to move on their own into a new position.

Three small stone balls will begin to release smoke. Redirect these towards the center (pack-a-punch) using the staff of wind. A light will rise from the center site and an audio cue will play, indicating when this step is accomplished.

Staff of Ice

Above the Ice exit portal pad a series of floating stones that must be shot. The order is dictated by an ice crystal to the side which will give an indication of which one to hit. After a stone is hit correctly it will turn up.

Three small gravestone like fountains are scattered around the map. Freeze them then shoot them, once this is done a light will rise from the center site and an audio cue will play.

Staff of Lightning

There is a purple keyboard and three strings of music inscribed on the side of the Lightning exit portal. Play the music strings on the keyboard to complete the puzzle.

Scattered around the map are eight electric panels. One will be sparking, adjust it until it stops. The sparks will move to the next one. Repeat the process until all panels have been activated, once this is done a light will rise from the center site and an audio cue will play.

Staff of Fire

Just down the steps from the Fire exit pad is a grate with coals under it. Kill zombies with the Fire staff until all four small cauldrons have a fire in them.

Head to the church and using the Fire staff light the wall torches in the correct order, once this is done a light will rise from the center site and an audio cue will play.

Staff Upgrade Guides.jpg

Images shared by ItsXNinja on Discord. Image from CrashPower

Place staffs in the robots and crypt.

·         The Staff of Ice in Freya, the left Robot that treads around the Church.

·         The Staff of Wind in Odin, the center Robot that treads the Excavation Site.

·         The Staff of Lightning in Thor, the right Robot that treads closest to the starting area.

·         The Staff of Fire in the staff room, the fifth staff stand which only appears after all staffs had been upgraded.

The staffs can be put in any order. The player will know if this task is completed correctly as Samantha will give a voice notification, and all staffs will be available again in the staff room.

Fill all four Soul Chests and retrieve the One Inch Punch. This can be done prior to all previous steps. The chests are located:

·         In the Odin footprint on the right of Generator 4 and Juggernog.

·         In the Odin footprint on the right of Generator 5 and Stamin-Up.

·         In the Odin footprint next to the southern ramp of the Excavation Site.

·         In the Freya footprint in front of the Church.

Retrieve and Purify the Stone slabs and unlock G-Strike Beacon. Note that even with multiple players, this step can be done by only one person acquiring the G-Strike Beacon.

Acquire the Stone slabs in the Tank Station on the far table.

Take them to the Church and place them in the White Basin.

Kill zombies within their area with any melee attack (which includes the Zombie Shield) until the slabs turn white.

Take them back to the Tank Station without touching mud (if mud is touched, re-cleanse the slabs).

Kill additional zombies by melee until the G-Strike appears.

Unlock the soldates. Enter one of the Robots as soon as it enters the battlefield and press the Red (G-Strike) button.

Throw the G-Strike Beacon on The Seal, located just south of Stamin-Up outside the map.

Use the maxis drone to release the panzars.  Kill the panzars, there are 2 for each player.

Shoot down the invisible fiery plane and kill the invisible white/frozen Zombie and retrieve the Maxis Drone.

Use Zombie Blood to see the fiery plane and shoot it down.

Use Zombie Blood to see the Winged Beast and kill it. It runs clock-wise around the Excavation site.

Retrieve the Maxis Drone off the invisible Zombie.

It should also be noted that a Pack-A-Punched Ballista is not required for this step.

Go to the crypt and hit the steaming zombies with your fists. You need to hit 20 zombies for each player then claim the iron first power up.

Go to the crazy place and place the staffs in the holders. Kill zombies down there until the portal opens up.

Bonus: Acquire the Maxis Drone and let it fly in the crazy place. It will end the game.