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Logan movie reaction

Logan Reaction and Review

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Logan took me by surprise even with my expectations set awfully high for the conclusion of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. This review will contain SPOILERS so be warned!

The movie takes violence to a whole new level for comic book movies. It is set in the Days of Future Past universe where Wolverine was still stuck in a love triangle with Cyclopes and Jean Grey. Fast forward a few decades and the world hasn't had a new mutant in years. Scientists have developed a serum that can suppress the mutant gene like we saw at the end of XMEN 3: The Last Stand. Inside the movie, we only get hints of what happened between the end of Days of Future Past and the post mutant era we find in Logan. 

When Logan is talking with a character called Will Munson later in the film we learn that the scientists have been coating all food in America with the serum causing no mutants to be born. It is left to interpretation if the food suppresses the mutant gene, but it seems likely given the state of all mutants in this world. It sets the stage for the most depressing comic book universe in cinema history because our heroes are broken.

laura and logan

Logan is now an alcoholic limousine driver trying to make enough money to buy a boat to live out the rest of his life with ailing Professor X. Patrick Stewart's portrayal is incredible inside Logan. He ability to bring to life an Alzheimer's Professor X who is trying to hold on to his humanity despite the horrific life he has lived is fantastic. While Logan is working, a mutant named Caliban tends to Professor X. It created an extremely real dynamic inside the movie when Caliban is forced to address Logan's failing health. It represented such a human moment for these once larger than life characters. The viewers were seeing on super heroes at their worst. 

Caliban is a character I was not familiar with before this movie, but played a wonderful role. His character didn't feel out of place and delivered a wonderful arc throughout the film. With so many excellent performances in this film I would be remiss to not mention Dafne Keen.

As a child actor, she knocked her role out of the park. Her performance was clearly better than most when we get a one to one comparison when the other child actors appear on screen. She could take on the part and make us believe her story through just her gestures for the first half of the movie. When Laura decides to talk for the first time in the film the dialog flows. Her character development makes sense coming from her quiet origins to her ending relationship with Logan. I will refrain from detailed spoilers because I strongly encourage you to see this movie if you are a fan of film. I have heard Logan described as “A masterfully written film that happened to be about a super hero." and couldn't agree more.

If you can get past the violence and extremely dark themes you will love the artistic vision that is Logan. Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart saved their best performance for their last movie with these characters Their performances will push Hollywood to new limits with the genre. 

I adored this movie because it made me feel all kinds of emotions while masterfully touching on real life problems in the setting of a science fiction world. Hugh Jackmon is the Wolverine I grew up with and will always be my cinematic Wolverine. I can't thank him for his work on the character and care he had for this send off. His incredible work ethic to be the wolverine is what sets him apart.  

Logan debuted in theaters on March 3rd. Check your local listing to see the movie in a theater near you!