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COD WW2 Zombies

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With the announcement of Call of Duty WW2, many zombies fans are concerned about the direction Sledgehammer is taking. This is my initial opinion with the limited information we have available right now. 

Call of Duty WW2 Zombies has been described as a horror take on the desperation of the Third Reich during the waning years of World War 2. The potential for this story line is greater than any previous game we have experienced in the past. One of the biggest factors of the game mode is the background the developers have in the shooter horror genre. Sledgehammer Game's lead directors for Call of Duty WW2 directed Dead Space and Dead: Space Extraction. Games that revolutionized the genre in the gaming industry. In particular, Glen Schofield worked on games that were far out, dark, and straight up crazy in the form of GEX 3D: Enter the Gecko and Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko. I can still remember the off-putting nature of the Gex series for something that looked so inviting from the cover art.


Furthermore, this take on the possible "Nazi Zombie" mode in Call of Duty WW2 can be an experience we would have never had in the 2008 Call of Duty Era. Entertainment has pushed the envelope of what is acceptable so far since the release of Call of Duty World at War that we have experienced character's brains being bashed in on national television. Studios can push boundaries in incredible ways as shown by Naughty Dog in particular with their release of The Last of Us in 2013. From the reveal, it sounds like Sledge Hammer was given complete freedom to create a serious, dark, gritty game by Activision. With all that said, this game is simply our chance at a serious, horror filled, UNCENSORED, call of duty zombie experience.

Many commenters feel that Sledgehammer is copying Treyarch's original storyline, which could be said about Treyarch copying other forms of media talking about Nazi research to create super soldiers. This has been a science-fiction cliche since the 1950s. Sledge Hammer has the chance to run with this easy set up to a story. Treyarch has since distanced themselves so far away from the original story that I feel it is completely unfair to say SledgeHammer Games is copying Treyarch. Not only has Treyarch shown they want nothing to do with that story, Treyarch doesn't own that idea. They have the copyright to their mode, but much like how Disney can't file a lawsuit on every movie that recounts the story of Snow White, because the ideas and elements of the story are always retold in new ways.

Zombies is a fun, creative, and beloved mode that is approaching saturation, but the question to ask is what type of zombies is going to last? Infinite Warfare's zombie mode has lost all steam because it showed us nothing different from Treyarch zombies. I am more concerned for Treyarch if Sledgehammer can completely revolutionizes the genre. We are at a breaking point in Call of Duty Zombies. It can go in a completely new direction thanks to the disarray of the story lines in Black ops 3 and Infinite Warfare. I do believe that Sledgehammer Games has everything to gain IF they can execute a horror zombie experience. 


As for the Campaign and Multiplayer I am optimistic. Advanced movements have been fun in the past, but done to death. It creates a frustrating Call of Duty experiences that hasn't cultivated genuine new interest in the franchise. Modern Warfare Remastered gathered more interest with its boots on the grounds because it went back to "the roots" of Call of Duty. The Call of Duty experienced has been changed in the game over the years so often that player are dying for a next generation game that takes advantage of the mechanics of the past. 

It has been a long time since there has been a truly epic story line in Call of Duty campaigns. Campaigns use to be the main focus of the series. Taking players on incredible historic journeys through the history of war. I am extremely hopeful that the focus on characters will allow for a better storytelling experience. I read many people's responses complaining that the lack of multiple fronts of the war makes the game worthless, but I believe it takes away from what Sledgehammer Games are trying to do. From a writing perspective, it is extremely difficult to get people invested if we have to tell another story with different characters that don't interact with the main characters  of the other story ever. This is why the world at war campaign lacked depth to each of the stories. Each time we jumped, the excellent story telling would be interrupted by the other front. Thankfully Treyarch didn't try to interconnect the marines in the Pacific with the Soviets on the Eastern Front just for the hell of it. 

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed my analysis of the reveal. If you disagree that is completely fine. I'd be happy to hear your feedback here or on social media. I believe this Call of Duty is worth getting excited for because of their commitment to being historically accurate. According to a recent source we do not gain health back in the campaign mode like we use too. We need medics to help heal and other teammates have certain resources that you can only utilize through them. If you get split up from your company ammo now becomes a struggle. That level of commitment to storytelling is something worth giving a chance.