Moon Guide



Turn power on and complete Samantha says. Just like Simon says.

The computer colors are Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow from left to right.

You do this six times before you win

Get the hacking device, hack one of the four button on the second room in the hacker area (below the MP5k). Then hack all the green terminals that light up. There are 4 that turn on in all three layers of rooms. 

Then press all 4 buttons on the wall while they are lit up. You can turn them all on by yourself by spamming the interaction button as you hug the wall.

Excavator Pi needs to cut into tunnel 6 and knock down the egg. Knife the egg all the way back to the MPD. You will need the wave gun to knock it off the dish halfway through guiding it to the MPD. You will need to buy all the doors in the egg’s way.

Kill 25 zombies by the soul gage that appears at the base of the MPD. Then pull the switch down located next to the MPD.

You completed cryogenic slumber party!

Return to area 51 and knock down kasmir plates with grenades that are to the right of the teleporter when you teleport back. You will see the plates on a rack outside the map. Throw a gersh device at them once they are knocked off. This will teleport the plates onto the teleporter pad. Return to the moon and the plates will spawn in front of quick revive.

Acquire the cable in the hacker room to connected the computer terminal near quick to the kasmir plates. The cable can spawn on all three levels of the hacker room.

Acquire a QED for it is needed during two more steps. Throw the QED at the plates by quick revive. They will teleport the plates to the computer. Connect the wire and insert the Vrill device into the computer. The Richtofen character has the VRIL Device. (One player must have completed the COTD and Shangri La Quests)

Then type (by interacting) until the dialog is complete. Make sure the Richtofen player takes the VRIL device once the device is glowing.

All 4 soul gages will be released by the MPD. You need to fill each gage with 25 zombies each, 100 zombies in total.

When all the gages are full the Richtofen character needs to put the Vrill device into the MPD.

Return to the computers to complete three more games of Samantha says.

Once all three rockets are raised, throw a QED at the egg stuck in the MPD to teleport it to the Samantha says computers. Then throw a Gersh device at the egg to finish the Easter egg.  Congratulations! You just finished the first two games!