Mob of the Dead Guide


Mob of the Dead

Get the hell’s retriever and collect the five skulls to obtain the Blundergat.

·         One can be found in a jail cell with a toilet and a skull next to the library near the starting room.

·         One can be found near the Warden's Office, in an electric pylon outside the barrier next to Speed Cola (it is recommended to not repair the barrier as the planks can make throwing the Hell's Retriever at the correct spot difficult).

·         One can be found on the roof, near the far-left corner (when coming to the roof), sitting on an unreachable corner of the roof.

·         Two can be found at the docks: one being on a lamppost opposite and to the left of Juggernog on a hill, and the other being on a pillar (third from the left) near the possible Mystery Box spawn.

The cycle must have been completed at least once (by flying to the Golden Gate bridge and coming back via the electric chair) before this step can be initiated. There is a jail cell with a poster in it near the entrance to the Warden's Office. When the Hell's Retriever is thrown at the poster, it will come off and behind it is an Afterlife symbol. A player then needs to go to Afterlife via the nearby electric panel and go through a hole left of it, then zap a spoon on the ground. If done correctly, the Demonic Announcer's laugh is heard and the spoon disappears.

There is now a spoon on the table behind a barrier in the cafeteria, next to the Claymore. The Hell's Retriever should be thrown at it, and Brutus will be heard talking.

The cycle must have been completed at least three times before this step can be initiated. Head back to the spiral staircase and go to the bottom where the number terminal is located. If all prior steps and three cycles have been completed, they will be randomly changing. The player must now enter Afterlife mode and enter the mobster's prison numbers. The numbers are 101, 386, 872, and 481. If entered correctly, the number will flicker and start to randomly change again. Once all numbers have been input correctly, Brutus will speak and subsequently, the screen will turn black and white and Stanley Ferguson will begin to narrate the mobsters' escape plan.

It is advised that the player in Afterlife has another player near their original body to repeatedly partially revive them thus granting more time available for the player in Afterlife to enter the numbers, as the time in Afterlife is likely to run out before the player can enter the numbers and revive their character.

The players must now make their way to the infirmary where Cerberus' head is located. The players must start by heading up the spiral staircase where they will see a Headphone drop. These drops further explain the character’s stories during their plan to escape. The rest will be found along the general route to the infirmary. The player must wait for one partition of the story to finish before they are able to pick up another Headphone drop.


After picking up the last headphone drop on the roof, a player must enter the Afterlife (it is advised checking the plane is on the roof first then entering Afterlife whilst in the infirmary). The player in the Afterlife will then need to board the plane (which doesn't need to be refueled), and all other players will be put into Afterlife mode and teleported on the plane.


When the players land on the Golden Gate Bridge, they will need to revive themselves on the electric chairs. Eventually, the player playing as Albert Arlington will see a kill marker over the others' heads, and the player(s) not playing as Albert Arlington will see a kill marker over his head. The Easter egg will be completed when either Arlington or the others are killed.

There are two endings to this Easter egg, both ending the game immediately with the screen stating, "LIFE OVER". The first ending, or "the cycle continues" ending, is achieved when Weasel is successfully killed. The second ending, or "the cycle is broken" ending, is achieved when Weasel successfully kills the other players.