Gorod Krovi Guide


Gorod Krovi Main Easter Egg

Turn on power

Activate the generator at the bottom floor of the Hatchery by killing a Valkyrie drone right next to it

Acquire the Gauntlet of Seigfried

Obtain the Master Cylinder by completing the Valve Step

·         The purple Master Cylinder will be stuck inside one of the valves, once the generator is turned on you must find the valve with a green light and then adjust the dials on each valve to match the correct numbers for that sequence.

·         Can use the solver website at: https://www.gorodkrovi.com/


Image provider by Unknownplayer

·         Refer to appendix for picture solutions as well

Take the Master Cylinder to S.O.P.H.I.A. and give it to her

Shoot the password dial until it reads “KRONOS” then activate S.O.P.H.I.A.

Obtain the six trophies and place them on the computer opposite S.O.P.H.I.A. and interact to press the button

·         Shoot the trophy out of the hand of the statue directly across from Dragon Command

·         Use the Gigant Laser trap, then pick the statue up from the hole made in the floorboards

·         Use the Dragon Shield fire ball on the pipe in Tank Factory, just below the walkway on the bottom floor up to Double Tap. This will spawn the trophy next to Double Tap

·         Use a Dragon Strike grenade on the circle pool of water just outside Supply Depot to spawn the trophy

·         When riding the sewers from Hatchery to Spawn, shoot the red glowing orb on the roof of the pipe. It should turn green and spawn the trophy in a toilet in a room opposite from PaP.

·         Use the Gauntlet of Seigfried to 115 punch (Use melee attack after the alt fire is used) the safe in the Operations Bunker

Complete the six S.O.P.H.I.A. tasks. They are completed one-at-a-time, and will clear the map of zombies when each is started. If a step is failed, you must go to the next round before attempting again.

·         Bomb Defuse: S.O.P.H.I.A. will inform you of 6 bombs (appear as glowing blue telephone boxes on the walls) placed around the map. The screen at the trophy computer will very quickly show you the order in which they need to be defused. S.O.P.H.I.A. will give you a time limit to defuse every single bomb (Solo: ~3 minutes, Co-op: ~1 minute). If not done in time, every player will be instantly downed unless at Spawn, the bottom floor of Dragon Command (where power is), or at the Hatchery.

o   Dragon Command: On the top floor, to the left when going up the stairs. Go to the opposite side of the office room where box can spawn and look for a telephone-looking device glowing blue on the wall.

o   Armory: On the very bottom floor, next to the Wunderfizz machine.

o   Supply Depot: In the room with the vodka bottle for the music EE, go in the ground entrance and go straight instead of left. The glowing blue bomb will be on the wall.

o   Infirmary: On the pillar next to the gate that goes down to Operations Bunker.

o   Tank Factory: On the top level, turn left when coming up the pipe bridge and it’s near the gobblegum machine.

o   Department Store: On the bottom level, under the first set of stairs.

·         Valkyrie Drone escort: A broken Valkyrie will appear at Spawn, with no arms and a green camera. Stand VERY close to it and walk it back to Dragon Command

o   Warning: Friendly fire will very easily kill the drone, as will any explosive-type damage

·         Mangler Escort: A green-eye mangler will spawn randomly on the map (tends to be either Tank Factory or Supply Depot. Stand near the Mangler to lure it back to Dragon Command

o   Shooting the cannon arm off the Mangler will make it sprint, speeding up the task. Just remember to aim at the shoulder plate, not the arm itself.

·         Gersch Module Protection: A module similar to the ones for getting the Dragon Network controllers will spawn outside the map in one of the Dragon Tamer stations. Protect it from the zombies that spawn, then use the alt-fire of the Gauntlet of Seigfried to send your Dragon to fetch the power core.

·         Capture Gersch: Gersch himself will spawn as a glowing yellow orb on the map. Locate him, then unload into the orb with weapons until he “bursts” and stops moving to deliver a quote. Do this 3x total until he agrees to follow you back to S.O.P.H.I.A.

·         Server Lockdown: Go to the Hatchery, and activate the server to begin a download. You must survive the Mangler-only lockdown event while the information is downloaded.

o   Tip: Kill the first wave until only one Mangler remains, then just lure him in circles and avoid getting hit until the download completes

Once the tasks are complete, take the power core from S.O.P.H.I.A. and use your Gauntlet of Seigfried Dragon to deliver it to Nikolai at the back area of Spawn

Return to S.O.P.H.I.A. and she will leave the computer, flying away and revealing a sewer grate underneath. Once every player is ready for the boss fight, stand on the grate to be transported to the boss arena

Boss Fights

The Dragon:

Start by interacting with the panel in the center of the arena. You must first kill the Dragon that’s flying around the map. It will land on a nearby building, breathing fire on the inner area of the arena. While it is standing on the building, one of its breast areas will glow orange. Target this area until the dragon staggers and flies away. Continue this until the Dragon is dead.

·         Tips: Have Mule Kick and high damage weapons (PaP’d LMGs, Shotguns, Ray Guns, MK3s). Remember to hold your shield while in the fire to take no damage. There is one permanent Max Ammo that spawns once, so use it wisely.


Once the dragon is dead, Nikolai will then turn on you with his Mech. You must run and survive, while also shooting him in the orange glowing vital spots (confirmed if you get hit markers while shooting them). He uses a multitude of weapons that do more damage the more he is damaged, so be careful and keep moving.

·         Tips: Have a player running Near Death Experience or a PaP’d NX Shadowclaw to allow for easier reviving. Using Bullet Time for death machines will make short work of Nikolai’s weak points. You get another single permanent Max Ammo, so use it wisely.