Frequently Asked Questions

Where are my posters/T-Shirts?

If you order any products you must allow at least two weeks of shipping time for the products to get to you. If you live outside the United States it can take four to eight months depending on customs. We can't guaranteed a quick delivery, but in the past most orders get to customers within the week.

Do you have any Posters left in stock?

All of the items listen on the website are our current inventory. We do not print on demand. When a design is sold out it is gone until we print a new batch which can take a few weeks between pre-orders if the design has not been discontinued.

How can I contact you?

I have an entire contact page set up on this website for any issues, but if you cannot locate it my business email address is

My product came damaged. What do I do?

I send out all of my products in mint condition. All products come with a $50 warranty under USPS domestically. If the product is damaged it was mis-handled by the postal carriers. All issues should be directed toward them. I will help you in anyway by sending you the receipt information and working with you to make sure you get your money in the right place. To file a claim click here

When is the next pre-order?

Pre-orders come once every 1-2 months, but could be the last run of any poster design. All posters are limited in their runs.