RAD Rendering

Escapism through Entertainment


Flamma Avatar.PNG

Flamma- Half-elf Swordsmen of precision.


Moznal Dhazgot- a 6'5" human Barbadian who can't roll higher than 10 to save himself, but he is a great tracker


Aerie Gilfray- Mysterious Wood Elf

Orhana Avatar.PNG

Ullazall Uto-an elder human who is going to be everyone's best friend because of healing.

Orhana Vanamplestamp- An ever vigilant Rock Gnome archer

Juquladon- Flamboyant half-elf with a hawk named Bruce

Del Saneehk - 5 ft 4 inch OP Arakocra


The Open Road:

Goblins- no one cared to ask their names. To busy being murdered
Sildar Hallwinter- a graying human who takes great pride in his honor
Gundren Rockseeker- a crafty little bugger with hair growing out of every place possible.



Elmar Bathen-
Daran Eldermath-
Lillianna Graywind -
Harbin Webster-
Qelline Alderleaf-
Carp Alderleaf-
Sister Garaele-
Glass Staff/ Arno-