Buried Guide




·         Build the Guillotine

·         Satellite Dish (Upstairs of Saloon, nearest side by the Guillotine buildable. Should be near the fence.)

·         Spool of Wire (Gunsmith room downstairs near the catacombs entrance in the corner.)

·         Crystal (Go up the railing from the Saloon into the catacombs, turn left, take the next left, jump over the hole and it will be in the debris directly ahead.)

·         Antennae (The barn downstairs, head towards the catacombs should be in one of the stables on the right.)

Power the Red orbs with the paralyzer

·         In the alleyway between the saloon and the candy shop.

·         To the left side of the entrance to the church, behind a rock.

·         In the tunnel system above the town.

·         To the right side in the foliage before the entrance to the mansion from the maze.

Using a grenade, you need to time it so that it knocks a purple lantern out of the air, which will float from the courtroom to the church, or from the courtroom to the jail cell. After this, you must pick it up.


To power up the lantern, you must "kill" at least 10 ghosts in the haunted mansion. After you have powered the lantern with enough "souls", you must place the lantern on a symbol on the roof of the gunsmith shop.

Note: Before the completion of this step, the lantern symbol cannot be seen, though there is an occasional glitch that enables you to see it if you stand in the right spot of the balcony of the saloon.


Deciphering the code that appears above the symbol on the wall using the "tic-tac-toe" cipher will reveal the name of three signs, which the players need to hit in order with the Galvaknuckles or the Bowie Knife to make the "wisp" appear. These signs are randomly selected out of the five signs available. You will find the following signs in the tunnels. Each is 17 characters long if you count the spaces as a character. Dry Gulcher Shaft, Lunger Undermines, Consumption Cross, Ground Biter Pits, and Bone Orchard Vein.

To move the wisp, a player must walk into them, or else they will fade away and you will need to hit the signs again. Only players with the Vulture Aid Perk can see it. Once you walk into them, they will disappear and reappear somewhere else, with you able to see it through the wall via Vulture Aid. It appears in front of:

·         The final sign,

·         Then on the second level of the barn

·         Then to the second floor of the jail cell building, just past the wall weapon location

·         Then to the second floor of the general store

·         Then to the candy store

·         Then it goes to the guillotine, where it will stay in front of the guillotine.

You must lure zombies nearby the guillotine, which doing so will cause the orb to flow into the zombie, which you must kill for its energy. After killing each zombie, an orb will revolve around the crystal component of the guillotine. After powering up the guillotine, Richtofen tells you that you need a time bomb.

Once you have placed a Time Bomb ON the guillotine bench, have all four players surrounding the guillotine. You now must activate the time bomb. Find the switch.

·         Directly in front of the guillotine.

·         In front of the saloon entrance stairs.

·         To the left of the gunsmith entrance.

·         In the crevice behind the barn and the gunsmith house, where the Navcard Table parts are located.

·         In front of the jail house entrance.

·         In between the general store and the box location.

·         To the right of the candy store entrance coming from the courthouse, near when you drop down from the general store balcony.

·         In between the giant rock near the gallows and the awning of the candy store, near the arrow sign.

·         Behind the rock to the left of the church, where the red orb is.

·         Just past the entrance to the church, nearby the workbench.

·         The alleyway between the bank and barn walls, the body will be laying on the wall of the bank.

·         After gaining the switch you must now place it on the guillotine.

You now need to enter the maze, where there will be switches with four different colors (Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow) on four different gates. You have to activate these switches in the correct order, via trial and error.

If a switch has been activated in the correct order, it will spark after all four have been pulled. Color order. Trial and error will be your best bet. Remember to mark which possibilities you have tried already!

You need to have The Giant break the fountain in front of the church/mansion, which will cause water to start spewing out. Next you need to interact with the fountain in order to "make a wish". After doing so, metal targets will spawn via lightning in several locations with each player needing to shoot them ALL before they disappear. These locations where the targets spawn are:

·         Beside the candy store and in front of the court room. (20 targets)

·         The left side of the mansion, in the windows. (23 targets)

·         Inside the saloon. (19 targets)

·         By the jail cell. (22 targets)


Build the Gallows

·         Battery (Behind the altar in the church.)

·         Spool of Wire (Mule Kick room downstairs near the catacombs entrance in the corner.)

·         Antennae (Barn downstairs towards the catacombs in one of the stables on the right.)

·         Bulbs (In the room above The Giant's cell on boxes near where the box can spawn.)

The players now need to destroy the four red orbs using the Subsurface Resonator (which requires the Turbine). They are located as follows:

·         In the alleyway between the saloon and the candy shop.

·         To the left side of the entrance to the church, behind a rock.

·         In the tunnel system above the town building.

·         To the left side in the foliage before the entrance to the mansion from the maze.

Knock down the lantern with grenades

Power up the lantern with the giant, build-abuilds, or nukes by killing zombies.

Deciphering the code and hit the signs in order with the Galvaknuckles or the Bowie Knife to make the "wisp" appear. Look at the pictures attached to decipher the codes.

Place the time bomb before you activate the wisp. After doing so, the player must follow the wisp on its path to the gallows. It will travel through the tunnels into the courtroom. It then goes past the Speed Cola Perk-a-Cola machine towards the jail cell. Going on the porch, it will make a loop and go to the upper level of the jail cell, towards the barn.

Upon entering the barn, it will drop down the ledge and float through the tunnels. It then will exit through the gunsmith building's upper level, then will float towards the Saloon and take a left towards the candy shop. Passing through where the barrier was, it will continue towards the courthouse until it reaches the gallows, in which it will power up one container.

While the player is following the wisp, the player must have zombies near the wisp throughout its path, thereby sustaining the wisp, otherwise the wisp will fade out. It is easier to do this step by having zombie "checkpoints", recommended spots are in front of the jail cell, in front of the gunsmith building, and in front of the saloon. You can also start a round as the wisp is going towards the gallows, as the zombies will constantly spawn in front of the player and sustain the wisp. If doing this, it is recommended to either have a Pack-a Punched weapon or be done on a lower round for easier control of the zombies. At this point, you must use the Time Bomb to travel back in time, and repeat the above process.

The players are now able to ring the bells placed around the map by using the action button. There are three locations where the bells are, with each location having three bells each. These places are:

·         The bottom floor of the courtroom.

·         Left side of the judge's podium.

·         Table on the right side of the courthouse closest to the podium.

·         Corner of the courthouse, take a left as soon as you enter.

·         The second floor of the candy shop, not the room with the Power Switch.

·         On the corner of the square table along the wall.

·         On the table with two pots, near the couch blockade.

·         On the chair to the right side of the door to the stairway.

·         The top level of the barn.

·         On the bale of hay just before you drop down to the jail cell.

·         To the right of the hole in the wall near the gunsmith building, on a bale of hay.

·         On a bale of hay to the right of the gap in the railing.

In the room, just past the secret bookcase in the haunted mansion, there is a switchboard on a sofa with a lever. The switchboard has a 3x3 pattern of lights, which when activated, will light up yellow or green. The columns from left to right correspond to the bells in the candy store, the barn, and the courtroom bells respectively.

After figuring out which bell corresponds with which light, you have to activate the switchboard, and the first light will appear. One player must callout which light has lit up, while the other three players must be in each location ready to ring the bell that is called out. If the player successfully rings a bell, the light will turn green and another light will turn yellow, signifying which location/bell to ring.

Make a wish. Hit all the targets and win at sharpshooter. See Richtofen for a better description.