Acquire a gersh device

Throw the gersh device outside the map by a battery near PHD

Go to the scrapyard and interact with the terminal with the illuminati symbol

Wait for a monkey round to press four buttons at the same time located around the map. Players can hold the interaction button.

Button Locations:

·         Across from Juggernog on the Wall

·         Next to Speed Cola on the wall

·         Next to stamin up on the wall

·         Next to PHD on the wall

All four players must stand on the pressure pad in front of pack-a-punch for 1 minute until a nuke goes off to end the round.

Note: Get a crawler that is fair away, it will allow players ample time.

Spell LUNA by calling the lander in this order while someone is riding the lunar lander:

·         Spawn to Junk Yard to Home to Speed to Junk Yard

Note: Players must call the lander. You cannot buy the lander to each locations.

Shoot the light on the ground in the junk yard after throwing a gersh device at it. Use the thundergun to try and push the light into the gersh device with two ray guns and martyoshka.

Note: Bouncing the gersh device off the wall near the light works well. The crossbow is not needed for this easter egg, but can be substituted for the martyoshka dolls.

Video Tutorial: